Singapore Promotes The Benefits Of Older Workers – See the ads

Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower has launched a multimedia campaign created by Dentsu to promote the employment of older workers. Through the campaign, MOM aims to highlight the importance and benefits of employing older workers to CEOs, HR Directors, HR Managers and Line Managers.JPEG

The campaign aims to increase awareness and acceptance of older workers, improve perception and acceptance of older workers and increase the number of companies who voluntarily implement re-employment practices ahead of the legislation.

Download the print pdf’s here.

This advertising is not intended to be directed at an older audience. However, I think Dentsu has done a fine job in the delicate task of portraying older workers. The talent are accessible (not too extraodinary) and have been dealt with great dignity making the potential value-add to organizations very apparent.

The print series uses simple, straght talking copy:

Older employees are invaluable to any company – big or small. They are hardworking, dependable and loyal. More importantly, they also bring onboard a lifetime of knowledge and experience. So start recruiting, retaining and re-employing older employees, even before the Re-Employment Legislation takes effect from January 2012.

Well done MOM and Dentsu!

The website too is loaded with positive examples of how older workers can contribute. [].

Just wish there was a nicer, friendlier way to describe this cohort than “older workers”.

Check out the TV commercials here:



and two more here: Kunalan and Angie

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