Nostalgia Drives Development of 'Ageless' Drinks in Japan

A couple of pre-World War II soft drinks that garnered renewed interest a few years back are being produced in ever more varieties and becoming more popular in Japan.JPEG

Furthermore the cider and ‘ramune’ soft drinks have proved ‘ageless’ attracting popularity among everyone from children to the elderly. Seniors like them out of a sense of nostalgia, while for the young the beverages offer comfort.

The re-born cider drink features fruit flavors or sweeteners added to carbonated water and a ‘‘ramune” fizzy soda pop, which many elderly people fondly remember.

To commemorate it’s 120th anniversary, Asahi Soft Drinks Co, a major soft drink manufacturer, has revamped Mitsuya brand cider by marketing a lemon-flavored version in 2007 and developed a zero-calorie drink last year.

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