Boomer Snack Food

Apparently, Baby Boomers graze for food more often than any other generation. And, to make us feel less guilty about what we’re grazing on, Frito will be releasing a succession of “better-for-you” reformulations of its popular chips, according to an article in Ad Age.

“As a company which was traditionally focused on a younger person, we’re now learning to set our sights on the young person and the boomer,” said PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi at an investor conference last week, according to the Ad Age piece.

Ms. Nooyi said the company is closely watching the emergence of boomers, noting there are 1.4 billion worldwide and 300 million in China alone. By 2030, the population of people 65 and over will double.

Frito-Lay CMO Ann Mukherjee said the company is bullish on boomers “because they graze more.” They snack three times a day on average — twice as much as other groups of snackers.

With Baby Boomers wanting to eat healthier as a way to stay healthier longer, Frito wants to help them get over the guilt of snack foods by reducing the amount of salt and saturated fat and adding whole grains.

This adds to the growing list of FMCG companies waking up to the opportunity and the need to adapt products for the boomer market as previously posted here.

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