Poor Retail Experience Drives Women Fashion Shoppers Online

A recent survey in the USA among over 600 smart, successful women 50+ helps understand womens clothes-shopping habits.

The results held two big surprises:
First was the degree to which Vibrant Women 50+ have already shifted their clothes shopping online.

  • 13% buy clothes ONLY online
  • 2 out of 3 do at least some of their clothes shopping online

Second was the degree to which their complaints about bricks-and-mortar shopping are based in the bad retail service they receive.

  • 84% described retail salespeople as indifferent, inexperienced, invisible or outright rude.
  • Only 16% find sales associates well-trained and helpful.

Why does this matter? Primarily because the Boomer Woman is such an important fashion consumer, and designers, retailers and marketers are failing to badly to engage the fastest-growing, richest demographic among their customer base.

Other findings include:

  • 47% confirmed that they buy clothes “whenever I am in the mood,”
  • Only 11% said they shop only during major sales

Understanding the boomer consumer and adjusting the offer to make the entire consumer experience invisibly ‘age-friendly’ will become an absolute mandatory for business, sooner or later.

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