Tokyo's Elderly Population Tops 20%

People age 65 or older accounted for more than 20% of the Tokyo population as of the end of January, the first time above that line, according to data compiled by the metropolitan government.JPEG

As reported in The Nikkei (March 24), the number of elderly residents surged 2.69% from the year earlier to about 2.55 million. They accounted for 20.31% of the population, up 0.41 percentage point.

With the city aging rapidly, making public transportation and communal facilities more accessible is growing increasingly important.

Tokyo’s total population stood at roughly 12.59 million, up about 70,000 people (0.59%) in the 14th straight year of increase. There were 6.25 million men and 6.34 million women, with the average age 43.65.

The number of people age 0-14 rose 0.52% to about 1.49 million. There were some 8.54 million people age 15-64, about the same amount as last year.

It is said that a community center providing welfare and nursing care there receives around 10,000 requests each year to watch over elderly people who live alone.

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