Is Age A Factor In Driving Safety?

University of Toronto is calling for participants 70+ older driver cohorts in a study to develop a screening tool that doctors can use to assess who is and who is not safe to drive. The tool will be a rapid, objective test that can be easily completed in a doctor’s office. Computerized tests and on-road driving evaluations don’t come into play with this tool.According to the Doctor leading this research, “Each subject is tested annually so we can track possible predictors of adverse driving outcomes that occur over five years of follow-up. The annual assessment includes questions about driving habits and behaviours, assessments of vision and upper and lower extremities, as well as paper-and-pencil tests of cognition”.

He concludes “Older adults should not be pegged as unsafe drivers. The majority of older drivers are safe drivers. Only a minority of older drivers have developed medical conditions and functional problems that can make them unsafe to drive. Our study will help provide doctors with the best tools possible to evaluate driving safety in such individuals”.

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