The Digital Future For Seniors? Some Innovative Ideas.

Some time ago I wrote about an an ‘app’ that turns an iPhone into a hearing aid. (// but here’s a raft of new ideas put forward by a 3D (Augmented Reality) company in the United Arab Emirates that seems to be thinking (very cleverly) about the digital future for Senior users. Among the ideas put forward in this very interesting article:

1) Digital Advertising and Value add – Cellphone Magnifying glass:
An Intelligent Magnifying app for mobile phones. Using the camera cell phone as a Digital Magnifying glass.

2) Augmented Reality – Hybrid Newspaper

Why not create a Hybrid newspaper for the senior citizen who is computer literate, yet can’t be bothered to surf nested videos buried in some tech blog or fashion website or lost in some complex medical or travel and tourism website.’

3) Augmented Reality Magic Lens Metaphor:
Sections of the newspaper come alive with video clips or audio commentary activated as the user passes the camera phone over a standard newspaper.

Another example would be for people who find it hard to read newspaper print, to have an audio version of the article playback. Next day’s edition of the newspaper can have updated or alternative videos playing, as a world headline story unfolds. This intuitive way of browsing video and consuming updated multimedia content (by turning pages) is far more appealing to an older generation who grew up on passive television and newspaper for their daily news fix.

4) Senior Twittering
Use an ‘almost’ Augmented Reality application to allow such human input to Digital conversion interface. For example a flash full screen webpage can be opened and a connected webcam started. A user can then write a message with pen and paper which is then instantly “digitized” by the webcam with the click of a mouse button. This can then be posted directly to a pre-configured TwitPic account or as a facebook page update. Senior Citizens can enjoy social media in an innovative manner.


Getting businesses and marketers to invest in some of these innovations will be tough, but it’s great to see fresh thinking in this space! Good luck, RealVision!