Will Boomers Create A New Food Trend?

Here’s a really interesting article predicting the return of ’60’s iconic foods in response to the ballooning ranks of ageing baby boomers.

Phil Lempert outlines the The Top Food Trends for 2010 in this article from FoodWeek online where he also says; “…..Brand Credibility is more important than ever and both retailers and CPG brands are understanding that without consumers trust, the future will be bleak. There is a New Consumer Reality; people eating more meals at home, homemakers evolving from food assemblers to cooks, switching brands based on sale prices, and even discovering new store formats like Save-A-Lot, Grocery Outlet and Aldi and making these part of their regular shopping trips”.Mad Men

The direct relevance of his predictions to this blog appear in the following:


It started innocently enough with a cable television show called Mad Men, three Golden Globes, one Peabody and multiple Emmys later, this critically acclaimed program has focused the spotlight on those 76 million baby boomers who grew up in an era where the Don & Betty Drapers and Roger Sterlings were the role models. Now as the boomers prepare to turn 65 years old and continue their unending search for the fountain of youth, comes the Mad Men product era. Brooks Brothers was the first brand to capitalize on the yearnings these aging Boomers with their limited edition Mad Men line of men’s suits. iTunes has a special Mad Men mix. And even Eight-O-Clock Coffee becomes hip again as they offer their free Mad Men eCards. Look for other 60s iconic food brands to do the same, but updated with a new ingredient profile and more flavor; to meet the nutrition desires and needs of the aging boomer as well as catering to their age-diminished taste buds. Look for less carbonated soft drinks and more vitamin enriched everything. In 2010 25% of the U.S. population will be aged 55 and older – need any more proof?

The other predictions are (see article for full explanations).

THE PRIVATE LABEL EVOLUTION – Consumers acceptance and purchasing of store brands are at an all time high.

FOOD SENSE – The hot trend for 2010 will be the re-emergence of the local butcher, both within supermarkets as well as free standing establishments – where shoppers will go, select the cuts of meat they prefer and have it ground on demand.

THE POWER OF THE COLLECTIVE – It’s a new world of “word-of-mouth” recommendations using the latest technologies. 75% of women visit social networks such as Facebook and MySpace and 55%, or 23 million, either publish blogs, read blogs, or post to blogs. Look for “boomer bloggers”, “daddy bloggers’ and “grandma bloggers” to expand the circle.

CUTE & CLEAVAGE IS OUT – The signal is clear, death to the foodie – and the rise of the “anti-foodie”; it is time for the food to be the star – which is what today’s shoppers believe it should be.

COMFORT FOOD TRANSFORMS INTO RELAXATION FOODS – Instead of relying on the “psychology” of comfort foods, brands are coming out with “relaxation” beverages with herbs and other ingredients designed to actually relax or put you to sleep.

LESS IS MORE – The food industry has woken up and discovered that by using “real foods” as ingredients as well as a shortened list, not only are their foods healthier but also consumers are buying them up.

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