Retailers Target 50 Plus Women

I would love a dollar for every woman who ask commented on the lack of appropriate fashion to suit them.

Something that down’t make them look old. That complements rather than constricts. Even salespeople who they can talk to without feeling like someone their daughters age is trying to squeeze them into something they’ll regret the moment they reach home.

Here’s an example of stores in Toronto, Canada that are re-working their appeals to woo back target shoppers, mostly female, aged 35 to 59, have disposable income – and need her wares, even in hard times. They’re professional or quasi-professional women – they’re the ones who need clothing and they’ve got the money to spend on it.

The Room is a boutique at the Bay’s Toronto flagship. (The Bay and Sears Canada, with 214 locations between them are the two remaining traditional retail chains in Canada). The relaunch of the Room as a high-fashion hub, is all about lightness: whites, creams and pale greys, screens of polished silver squares and frosted acrylic blocks, silvery mobiles of flowers and birds – and natural light streaming in from windows. (Versions are also planned for Montreal and Vancouver.)

Today’s Room is a stark contrast to the black and beige of its 72-year-old predecessor. Called the St. Regis Room, it was a destination for the well-heeled in Canada in its heyday and helped introduce the country to such brands as Yves Saint Laurent, Courreges and Oscar de la Renta. The current incarnation has set its sights just as high: Featuring some of the priciest designer fashions in the country, it includes handbags, jewellery and footwear and features almost 70 brands, up from just a dozen previously. Among its new offerings are a few (Halston, Balmain, Proenza Schouler) unavailable elsewhere in Canada.

The redesigned Room features generous change rooms, a concierge who can book hair appointments and restaurant reservations and a VIP lounge to have a glass of bubbly and dish.

Guys, lock up your credit cards!

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