Middle Aged – And A Bit Naughty

The Japanese expression, ‘choi waru oyaji’ may be about to join other Japanese expressions as part of the international language. It means to: the middle-aged man who is “slightly bad” i.e. naughty.
This makes a nice change from the purile, tired expressions used to refer to anyone older than 40!

The term, has been popularized in the pages of Leon, a Japanese magazine targetting middle aged men. For example, articles will include advice on the best overnight bag for a rendezvous and luxury watch advertisements.Watch ad

Leon makes the age of its audience plain: one of the two models it keeps on contract, Gianfranco Simone, an Italian in his mid-50s. While magazines aimed at younger audiences are shrinking, Leon’s sales of 50,000 to 55,000 copies a month have held steady even in the recession.

In March this year, Leon launched a Chinese version (blogged here) but I can’t yet be sure if they’ve followed the same age profiling as the Japanese original. We’ll check. Negotiations are underway for a Korean version.

According to the publisher, the premise is simple: “All men want to be popular with women. It doesn’t matter whether they’re young or old or whether the women are their girlfriends, their wives or their daughters.”

They ‘get it’.