New research shows resilience of the older market in recession

Dick Stroud, (20plus30) UK’s leading authority on marketing to to 50-plus, has teamed up with Mature Insights to survey 1,600 older people across the UK.

Read the story and download the very insightful (and free) report from his blog here:

Dick summarizes the key findings as follows:

  • Over 25% say the recession has had little or no effect with a third reporting that they have not changed their spending patterns.
  • Over 60% say the recession has resulted in them only making a few cutbacks in their expenditure.
  • Despite older people holding 80% of savings and investment assets in the UK, the fall in interest rates has seriously affected only 20% of respondents.
  • Not all of the news is so positive – 12% have cut back drastically on spending.
  • The banks and the Labour Government are blamed for the economic problems resulting in a significant swing to the Conservatives and minority parties.
  • The 50-plus are giving far more financial support to their families than they are receiving.
  • Charitable donations have been badly, and I mean badly, hit by the recession.

Precious little on this subject so congrats to DIck and Mature Insights.