10 reasons why the internet is great for older people

To mark the eighth annual Silver Surfers’ Day in the UK, The Times published the list I’ve summarized here:

1. The internet makes tricky, or mobility-dependent tasks simpler

2. When you finally have time and head-space to follow your nose, the internet is curiosity’s best friend.

3. It is available 24/7

4. The internet helps make and maintain vital relationships – This has benefits for young and old alike, and helps make society a safer, more cohesive place – simply because age-groups that often “miss” each other, start to appreciate each other.

5. The internet saves you money

6. The internet levels the “disability/age” playing-field

7. It is “personal” – no one else creates your communication world but you.

8. Introduced correctly, learners “cross a fear-barrier”

9. Brings health benefits, for example “self-health” websites, but improved contact can also ease depression/isolation.

10. Enhances sense of individuals’ personal value within an organisation (whether through finding “civic voice” in local government or becoming active on a residents’ committee or neighbourhood watch).