Later marriages a problem for Korean boomers

Baby boomers in Korea who are now in their 50s have a lot on their minds. They are facing an average retirement age of 53, while they can no longer depend on their children to take care of them in their old age. Their most pressing concern is getting their children married, preferably while they are still earning money so they can afford a ceremony. They also think that congratulatory money offered by Chosun Ilbocoworkers can be used to help pay for the ceremony. But this becomes impossible after retirement. Adding to the frustration is the fact that baby boomers’ children are old enough to get married, yet still dependent on their parents, with no plans to start their own families or move into their own places like young adults in the West.

This Story from the Chosun Ilbo explains that the latest statistics compound the frustrations felt by baby boomer parents.

Japan is also seeing a surge in the number of people delaying marriage.

People naturally tend to put off marriage when economic conditions are tough.

Maybe more Korean parents will be telling their kids to “get married or move out”. Unlikely.