Thai hospitals treat Ageing Male Syndrome

Doctors who understand marketing!? Here’s a great example of repositioning to reach the senior market – by changing perceptions that testosterone therapy is for merely sexual disorders and that it can help restore the overall health of ageing men.

This article from the Bangkok Post explains that the Aging Male Symptoms (AMS) questionnaire digs into testosterone deficiency symptoms, asking about, for example joint pains and muscular aches, excessive sweating, sleep problems, decreased beard growth and decrease in the number of morning erections. After answering 17 questions and totalling the score, if it’s 26 or higher the doctor may advise checking male hormone levels, and if abnormal, may prescribe testosterone therapy. The availability of a long-lasting testosterone injection in Thailand means that instead of taking pills every day, men can simply go for four shots of hormone a year.

Urologist and men’s health expert, Sompol Permpongkosol MD says “Women may experience obvious menopausal symptoms because of a more dramatic plunge in hormone levels. Men may not be affected by a gradual decline in male hormones but some cases do suffer from symptoms which negatively affects quality of life,” he continues “While women agree to menopause as a wai thong (golden age), Thai men don’t seem to be happy with the term chai wai thong (men in their golden age). And so instead of a ‘wai thong clinic’ for men, Ramathibodi Hospital offers a men’s health clinic instead.”

He’s done his research. Understood the customers needs and wants, by gender. Refined his proposition to broaden appeal to the ageing market place. This guy deserves an honorary marketing degree!