An optical opportunity

The need for glasses is one of the first and most annoying aspects of ageing and therefore a huge business opportunity.

A report from The Times (London) suggests that according to the latest research, optical advances and the vanity of the baby-boomer generation has resulted in a 40 per cent global increase in lens implants for presbyopia – the age-related deterioration of sight most commonly associated with reading vision – last year alone. Audits from clinics around Britain suggest a doubling or even tripling of the number of procedures in the past few years.

Also, according to our SilverPoll conducted in January 2009 among 170,000 online 50 plus consumers across Australia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and India, the top three annoyances were:

  1. SilverPoll slideDecline in physical strength
  2. Being referred to as old/difference between actual and percieved age
  3. Need to wear glasses/inabilty to read product labels

Download the SilverPoll, report here.

This annoyance was particularly pronounced by consumers in China, clearly fristrated with small print on product labels and products in general.

Surely a business opportunity.