Older workers save companies time and money

Their experience and expertise means they avoid blocks and go right for the opportunities. They identify options quickly, have the interpersonal skills to bring people together to get the job done, and bring time-proven strategies to do it quicker, cheaper and better according to this article on www.careerbuilders.com.

The article goes on to suggest five jobs where experience and expertise (read ‘age’) are an advantage:

1. Health care professional
Why age is an advantage: Though young people in the medical field are more than capable of providing exceptional medical care, some people simply don’t feel comfortable having someone their daughter’s age in charge of their life. Older health-care professionals exude good judgment and breadth of experience; people believe you are less likely to be wrong or make a mistake.

2. Financial adviser
Why age is an advantage: Older workers hold a lot of credibility with stakeholders, Walker says. There’s a natural assumption that someone older knows what he is talking about, which is important when talking about finances. People will believe they can trust your opinion because they come from having been “been there, done that.”

3. Career counselor
Why age is an advantage: It’s doubtful a college graduate is going to feel comfortable getting career advice from someone who graduated the year before her. People want career advice from people who actually have depth in the work force. Older workers have a great work ethic, as most of them came into the market when they remained at one company until earning a gold watch. That type of commitment will be useful when others need help landing a career.

4. Brand manager
Why age is an advantage: Older workers usually have a clear commitment to company goals, which means they believe in what the company is selling. “Their knowledge and experience in the global marketplace creates a frame of reference to understand ‘why’ and to recognize the place of the company within that marketplace.

5. Consultant
Why age is an advantage: The good thing about being a consultant is that you can consult for almost anything. As someone older, you probably have more than one area of expertise; consult for them all! Your knowledge will make clients believe you will commit fewer errors, identify the best opportunities and find the clearest path to results.