An ad so bad it's funny

You’ll need a pair of glasses before you get this hearing aid!

Hearing aid adThis ad for a chain of hearing centres in Singapore features what seems to be an interesting hearing aid product with a unique feature. Yet this opportunity has been squandered by appalling art direction and more. (Don’t get me started).

Assuming this is targetted at seniors with failing hearing, one would suspect they would also have weak eyesight. So why the tiny, spidery typeface in the body copy!?

In our recent SilverPoll study of 50+ on-line users across APAC countries we asked, “What aspects of ageing most annoy you?”, Needing Reading Glasses was one of the top gripes with 17% agreeing overall – particularly so in Singapore (25%)!

I’d suggest the people at Beltone and Resound to turn up your hearing aids and put on your glasses to understand the consumer better.

By the way, where’s the web address?