Senior-friendly social networking?

Recently on the BBC’s ‘Click’ programme, they reviewed a so-called age-friendly website called ‘’. The Finerday concept was designed by a qualified care home worker who wanted to provide an online networking service for older people to enjoy and feel safe in. However, for the past 5 days, the site has had this ominous “changing server” message up. Check it out at As of Saturday, Feb 7th, it seems to be live again.


You need to register and then go through an ‘interesting’ security set-up (claims to be the first time used) involving selecting a pattern of squares to remember rather than a password. Interesting, but I’m not sure if that makes things easier or more complicated for seniors.

After logging in for the first time will be prompted to invite your family or friends to join your closed network. There’s a very clear video tutorial to help you do this.

All the buttons and text are presented in large contrasting fonts, making it easy for those with poor eyesight to find their way around.

It’s early days for the site so some of the services are not yet available but you can send emails and share photos, simplifying the family communication tools into something that older surfers should feel comfortable using.

Sooner or later, all site developers will need to take these issues to mind as the online population ages. Check out  Dick Strouds’ great article: Checklist of building 50-plus friendly web sites.


How tragic though! To get fantastic publicity on BBC and to squander it by have a prolonged server-change. Ouch!

Checklist of building 50-plus friendly web sites

Checklist of building 50-plus friendly web sites