Five things older consumers need from packaging


Tetra Pak’s annual Consumer Generations Whitepaper rehashes the basics and oversimplifies the challenge in what seems to be a largely self-serving document. The liberally described ‘whitepaper‘ lists five “ingredients” for ideal packaging for Seniors. All make sense but they are a gross simplification: Packages need to be easy to open, so as to overcome any […]

Breaking down the stereotypes of older workers


We are at war. A war against ageism and stereotypes. Older consumers, workers and citizens, need to join the fight to stop being pigeon-holed by out-dated stereotypes. I recently wrote about ageism in the marketing/advertising industry but here are some compelling  myth-busters from the Wall Street Journal about the wider labour force (USA). Myth 1: I’m […]

Sex toy store wins age-friendly award


With its oversized aisles, whisper-quiet music, and bathrooms for customers on the go, Bergen Street sex-toy shop Babeland has been certified as a great place for senior citizens to shop, and has a gold star to prove it. According to this article, the local store in Brooklyn, New York also racked up points based on […]

Rock festival taps into the ageing demographic and becomes among the most lucrative in history

Organisers said that all ages were expected, but acknowledged that the crowd would lean heavily toward the baby boomers. The festival’s own marketing videos illustrate this, with gray-haired revellers feasting on gourmet food and dancing. On average, attendees at the Desert Trip festival will spend more than $1,000 each. Satisfying an affluent older crowd became one […]

Healthcare organizations must learn to see seniors as the digital consumers they are

People aged over 65 who use digital technology in their daily lives are shattering myths about seniors’ use of ehealth. According to excerpts from the 2016 Accenture Consumer Survey on Patient Engagement, there are three myths that healthcare organisations need to dismiss the stereotypes and and see seniors as the digital healthcare consumers they are. Myth 1: Seniors […]