Accenture’s shopper research proves there’s little difference between ages


The survey among 10,000 consumers in 13 countries, reveals many similarities, and some differences in shopping habits and preferences across the generations. That being the case, you might wonder, what’s the fuss about creating customer experiences that are more Age-Friendly? Quite simply, the research does not consider the physical challenges that confront shoppers as they age. In fact, […]

How Age-Friendly is Singapore Tourism?


Travel & tourism contributed around 10% of GDP to the Singapore economy in 2015 and remains a vital component for the foreseeable future. It’s something Singapore takes very seriously and, in most respects, they do a terrific job at it. Older tourists represent an important group of Singapore’s visitors. Over five million visitors aged 45+ visited […]

How Age-Friendly is the Apple Watch?


It has been reported that nearly half of Apple’s customer base are over 55 year of age. In fact, as I wrote here, men over 65 are now Apple’s top spending customers. So it made sense for us to evaluate how well this hot new product, the Apple Watch, meets the needs of these valuable, older customers. […]

Is this hearing-aid advert ageist?

This ad for a ‘revolutionary’ hearing aid device could have been quite fun but instead it becomes a tired, stereotypical (dare I say ageist?) portrayal. In this Bond-esque spoof, the older woman explains the unique benefits of the device to the (younger) agent but sadly/predictably, the older woman walks off with the aid. Not only is […]